The Complex Nature of Personal Injuries Caused by Trucks

truck-accident-injuriesNo matter what time of day or night you are driving on a highway, you are bound to see a number of tractor trailers, also known as big rigs, heading to their delivery destinations. Everything from car tires to pineapples to clothes are delivered on 18 wheelers, placing the drivers under immense pressure to drive as far as they can, as fast as they can, in order to deliver the most product possible. The more deliveries truck drivers can make, the more profits trucking companies can enjoy. It is this greed that has caused many trucking companies to focus only on the bottom line instead of the deadly consequences of overworked or unqualified truckers and overfilled trucks.

Years ago, Congress passed various regulations that limited the number of hours per week truckers could work and mandated certain health and sleep requirements before getting behind the wheel. While big rig accidents and deaths still occurred, it helped to reduce deadly consequences as much as possible. But now, trucking companies are lobbying for Congress loosen or repeal a number of these safety measures put in place to keep truck drivers and all other drivers on the road safe.

Among the restrictions that trucking companies want to loosen? Allowing drivers to haul loads beyond the current 80,000 pound limit, providing freedom for truckers to work as many as 82 hours per week, preventing insurance companies from imposing strict requirements of coverage, and hiring young drivers who will accept lower wages.

All of these “ideas” are spelling out disaster for the trucking industry, as young, inexperienced, and/or exhausted drivers cannot safely reach their destinations time and time again. This is proven in newspaper stories everyday. The husband who lost his wife and children when a negligent truck driver rammed right into their broken down car; the state trooper who was nearly burned alive after a truck driver was so fatigued that he didn’t notice the squad car’s flashing lights and flares and smashed into him; the drivers themselves that lose their lives after fishtailing on ramps or driving into ditches.

This is why auto accident injury attorneys place so much focus on seeking compensation for victims of truck drivers: there are many organizations and entities responsible for truck crashes aside from the drivers themselves!