Benefits of a foreclosure defense attorney

Walking away from your home is not the best method of handling a mortgage foreclosure. If you have fallen behind your mortgage payments and you face the risk of losing your property to foreclosure, it is important to hire the services of a professional Tampa foreclosure defense attorney. A foreclosure attorney will work with your lender to devise ways of stopping foreclosure.

Lenders don’t want people to lose their homes; however, when the said people fall behind on their loans, the lender remains with no other alternative than to start mortgage foreclosure proceedings. However, a foreclosure lawyer can help you explore your other feasible legal options. Some of these options include filing for personal bankruptcy, refinancing your mortgage, mortgage modification or even affecting a short sale.

Today many fraudsters look to steal from unsuspecting homeowners. For a regular Tom, Dick or Harry, telling legitimate organizations from those looking carrying out foreclosure frauds is very hard. However, for an attorney who is well versed in such scenarios, telling the difference would be easy. A reputable and experienced foreclosure attorney will help you maneuver through the murky legal waters of foreclosure and help you distinguish between legal companies and fraudsters helping you to keep your home.

Fighting a mortgage foreclosure process might end in a court of law. At such stage you need aggressive representation to ensure your case has a high chance of success. The lender or bank will come armed with their legal representation and unless you match them, you will end up losing the case.

An attorney can also help you buy extra time before the foreclosure is finalized. You can use this extra time to bring in more money without having to move out of your house. You can also use this time to try and work out an agreement with your lender.

Though their services come at a cost, the potential results of foreclosure attorneys outweigh the expense and thus you should consider one when you are faced with a similar case.

Short Sales Attorney: A Guarantee for Help in dealing With Second Lenders

short sale lawShort sale simply refers to a process in which the debtor resorts to selling his house for an amount which is slightly less than what is actually owed to the lender. In most cases, what normally happens is, a mortgage is taken against the property which is set for sale. As strange as it may sound, there are a few cases in which a person may have two mortgages in a short sale.

In situations where there are two mortgages in a short sale the opinion of a professional short sales attorney is very important. This is because all of the proceeds are used to settle off the first lender. The second lender on the other hand is usually required to exercise patience as his dues will be settled immediately after. It is very common that after paying the first lender, there is usually no cash to pay off the second mortgage. In fact, in case there is any left, it may not be enough to settle with the second lender.

Assuming the cash remaining is not enough to settle with the second lender, the next cause of action is either to ask the debtor to shell an agreed amount or better yet simply forgive the debt. In most cases however, the second lender is known to compel the debtor to let the house be foreclosed. This however, is not the only option; another equally viable option is having the second mortgage lender release the lien only by filing a deficiency claim.

The sign for a foreclosed house for sale sits at the property in Denver, March 4, 2009.    REUTERS/Rick Wilking
The sign for a foreclosed house for sale sits at the property in Denver, March 4, 2009.
REUTERS/Rick Wilking
If the second mortgage amount is not high then there are high chances that the borrower may easily be spared. In some cases however, the lender may realize that the chances of recovering the loan is very slim especially if the borrower is having trouble paying off after filing for bankruptcy or constantly tries negotiating for a certain percentage.

The above mentioned possibilities usually differ from one lender to the next. The value of the property in question also usually affects the outcome. Take note, in the event that the second lender does not budge and instead more focused on foreclosing the home, it is strongly advised that you engage a professional short sales attorney with a lot of experience to provide much needed guidance.

Digging Deeper: Divorce Laws and Their Impact

Couple crisis
Couple crisis

Every country or state has their particular divorce laws. These laws have been enacted in order to make the divorce process clear as well as smooth. Though there are some minor differences, laws on divorce are fairly alike across the board in spite of where you are; the main reason being that they are trying to achieve a similar goal.

The divorce process starts by filling an appeal. The individual who initiates a divorce is referred to as the petitioner. The other spouse becomes the respondent and is required by the law to provide a response once the petition has been filled. Co-respondents or other people who have some kind of significance to the relationship can be involved, too.

There are many reasons spouses would like to file for a divorce. In other words, there are particular situations or actions that must be evident in order to for a divorce to succeed. Some of these actions and events include adultery, irrational acts, being apart for some period of time, and other situations that offer grounds for divorce.

The divorce process should not be a long one, all you need to consider are the many resources that are involved. There are some documents that will be needed to accompany the petition. The respondent is normally served with copies of the petition. Another vital document is the statement of arrangement which covers any child that is involved, particularly where they will reside as well as go to school.

Other needed document includes marriage certificates and statements of reconciliation. Normally, the petitioner will be required to hire a suitable divorce attorney in order to help him or her in verifying the mentioned documents. In some cases, application of public funding certificate will be recommended. A certain amount of court fees will also be paid when required. According to the laws that govern divorce procedures, the judge will eventually make the decision concerning the destiny of both parties.

What to Look for when Hiring a Divorce Attorney

When you are facing divorce in your marriage, it is advisable that you hire a divorce lawyer to help you get the best results in the process. When you are facing divorce, this can be one of the most trying moment in your life. You might be emotionally or physically affected because of the stress or depression you might get. By working with a lawyer specializing in divorce, you can be assured that everyone involved in the case gets the best. You will be assured that your children will not be affected by the divorce and ensure that you get a fairs share. When you are choosing a Wesley Chapel divorce attorney make sure you consider the following factors.


One of the things that you must consider is the amount of fees charged by different attorneys in the market. Carry out thorough search to ensure that you get a lawyer who charges the most affordable and reasonable fees. Avoid those who ask you to make some up front payment or those who charge the cheapest price. The cheapest lawyers might lack the right experience and qualifications to offer high level standards.

Duration in the market

Another factor you need to look for is the duration that a divorce lawyer has been offering their services in your area. Always work with a lawyer with more than five years to be assured of the best results. Such lawyers know all the divorce laws in the area and, thus you can expect them to provide you with the right advice in the process.

Certification and accreditation

Before you enter into any contract with a lawyer, it is good to check that they have the right certifications and accreditation from relevant authorities or institutions. This will help you avoid falling victim of scams or frauds in the market.

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